50 Masters in Social Work (MSW) Tweeters to Follow on Twitter

50 Masters in Social Work (MSW) Tweeters to Follow on Twitter

Over the past couple of years, the information resources available to potential and current graduate students have exploded. Not only are able to quickly and easily search for information about schools and programs on the internet, you can also connect with current Masters in Social Work students at various schools all around the work via social media networking websites.

If you're unfamiliar with Twitter, it's important for you to know that it can be quite useful for staying up to date on the latest social work industry news and developing relationships with people already studying and working in the field. Twitter acts as a micro-blogging resource where people can "follow" the 140 character "tweets" that are created by people in their areas of interest. Many social workers and students of social work can be found on Twitter. If you're looking to become better connected with people in your field, here are the Top 50 Masters in Social Work (MSW) Tweeters to Follow on Twitter.

    1. @lindahancock - Dr. Linda Hancock - Registered Psychologist and Social Worker, Professional Speaker, and Author

    2. @ParentopiaDevra - A clinical social worker and author of the book Mommy Guilt who writes at BlogHer.com and WalletPop.

    3. @GetSocWorkJobs - A resource for up to the minute information about social work jobs all around the country.

    4. @NASW - The official Twitter feed from the National Association of Social Workers. Instantly updated information about graduate studies in social work as well as industry trends.

    5. @MSUSocialWork - Twitter feed from the School of Social Work at Michigan State University. Dedicated to educating students for competent, responsive and ethical social work practice.

    6. @NPSW - Official Twitter feed from the Network of Professional Social Workers. Connecting Social Workers Globally.

    7. @SocialWorkUTex - Official Twitter feed from the School of Social Work at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. Updates about classes, events, and other graduate information.

    8. @UNC_SSW - News from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work. Posted by Michelle Rogers, Director of Communications.

    9. @SWSpeak - A Twitter feed where social workers speak on news and media issues that affect their industry.

    10. @USCSocialWork - Follow this Twitter feed for news, events and info about the school and social work in California.

    11. @Soclwrkjobcast - Follow this Twitter feed for the most recent up to date Social Work Jobs for graduates broadcasted.

    12. @UMSocialWork - Daily updates from the University Of Michigan School Of Social Work. Dedicated to reaching out, raising hope, and changing society.

    13. @law_socialwork - An important Twitter feed for those graduate students interested in exploring the intersections of ethics, society and the many paths between Social Work and the Law.

    14. @RiseConference - Regular information on the popular national conference empowering social workers to create radical social change.

    15. @VCUSocialWork - Official Twitter feed from the Virginia Commonwealth University, a school that has been preparing students to bring about social change through their knowledge and actions since 1917.

    16. @UBSSW - Tweets about MSW at University of Buffalo (with trauma-informed & human rights perspective) & PhD; Feed maintained by several faculty/staff.

    17. @newsocialworker - Tweets from The New Social Worker a magazine for modern social work careers.

    18. @AshgateSocialWk - Ashgate's Social Work and Social Policy program has a worldwide reputation for academic excellence, practical relevance and truly comprehensive coverage.

    19. @IFSW - Tweets from the International Federation of Social Workers. A good follow for MSW students interested in working abroad.

    20. @SocialWorkNews - Up to date industry information for new and emerging social workers all over the world.

    21. @NASWCalifornia - Official Twitter feed of the National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter.

    22. @CommunityCare - A UK based Twitter feed from the website and magazine for graduate social workers and everyone in social care.

    23. @MDSocialWork - Twitter feed from the University of Maryland School of Social Work. Designed to meet the needs of students interested in studying clinical social work, human service management.

    24. @socworkpodcast - Daily tweets from the first social work podcast by social workers for social workers. Big names talking about bigger ideas.

    25. @GetSocWorkeJobs - Finding job opportunities is essential for those about to graduate with their MSW. This Twitter feed provides information about jobs, careers and the community.

    26. @JenMSW - Tweets from "Mrs. Social Worker" and MSW student that knows how important it is to dream.

    27. @SecretSW - A Twitter feed from an MSW that knows how hard it can be to bear the responsibility of other people's safety and health.

    28. @UofASocialWork - Official University of Arkansas Social Work Twitter feed.

    29. @SocialCareJob - This Twitter feed is your best option for finding Social Care and Community Work jobs. Over 102,000 monthly visitors to Social Care and Community Work vacancies.

    30. @CSocialWorkEd - Official Council on Social Work Education Twitter feed.

    31. @StandUpNow4SW - The Twitter feed from a Community Care magazine campaign calling for accurate coverage of social work in the media, and PR support from government and employers.

    32. @BaylorSSW - Twitter feed from Baylor University for Advocacy, Community development, and Social justice.

    33. @4SocialWork - The Twitter feed from a UK firm specializing In Social Work Recruitment. Who Cares? We Do.

    34. @SoWoUnite - The Twitter feed from a new online community for Social Workers and students.

    35. @SWTechBlog - Also known as @iggyp, this is the Twitter feed of an MSW spreading the gospel of technology tools and social media in social work practice.

    36. @RSWSocialWork - Twitter feed from the best children's services in the country according to recent LGC Awards. Working to reclaim social work for the people!

    37. @isocialworker - Tweets from an Indian social worker.

    38. @Mzsocialworker1 - Tweets from a 30-something mom of one that works with people who have traumatic brain injury.

    39. @socialworklady - Tweets from a social worker and blogger out of Oregon.

    40. @wtswclub - Tweets from the Social Work Club at West Texas A&M University.

    41. @DCSocWorkJobs - Follow this Twitter feed to find social work jobs in the DC Metro area. The Washington Post: DC's #1 Source for Jobs.

    42. @BCCSW - Official Twitter feed from the Barbados Community College School of Social Work.

    43. @SimmonsSSW - Official Tweets from the Simmons College Graduate School of Social Work Admissions Office.

    44. @RTNine - Tweets about Social Work jobs in and around London.

    45. @NASWMA - Twitter updates from the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

    46. @NASWOhioChapter - Twitter feed from the Professional Association of Social Workers-Ohio Chapter.

    47. @NASWDCMETRO - Tweets from professionally connected MSW students and social workers in the DC area.

    48. @naswidaho - Tweets from the professional association for Idaho social workers.

    49. @NASWTX - Get the latest information from social workers in Texas.

    50. @HCL_SocialWork - Updates from an international recruiting firm for Social Workers interested in working overseas.

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