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Denver University Masters in Social Work Programs

Denver University is the oldest independent university in the Rocky Mountains region. With the current enrollment of over 11,000 students, university offers degrees at all levels in a variety of academic specialties. The Graduate School of Social Work offers degrees in both the Masters and PhD levels.

Masters in Social Work

Denver University's Master of Social Work program offers multiple tracks for students interested in getting this degree. The typical degree will take two years full-time. Other students enter the college and advanced standing if they have a Bachelors of Social Work degree already. Students choose from either or community practice or clinical practice concentration. All students take classes in areas such as clinical theories, multicultural social work practice, child maltreatment, drug dependency interventions, domestic violence, and law of family and child.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2148 S. High St., Denver, CO 80208

  • Phone Number: (303) 871-2886

Colorado State University Masters in Social Work Programs

Colorado State University stands as one of the nation's leading universities especially in the area of research for environmental science and infectious disease. This will start out over 125 years ago and continues going strong. The College of Applied Human Sciences offers social work degrees through its School of Social Work.

Masters in Social Work

Qualified students may enter the Masters in Social Work program at Colorado State University. Students take two years to complete the program unless they are ready have an existing Bachelors of Social Work degree. Students take classes in areas such as community practice, generalist practice, organizational practice, social welfare policy analysis, and principles and philosophy of social work.

Contact Information

  • Address: Applied Human Sciences, School of Social Work, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1586

  • Phone Number: (970) 491-6612

University of North Dakota Masters in Social Work Programs

The University of North Dakota is an excellent choice for those that want to pursue their social work degree around their current family and work schedules. With their distance-learning program, the Department of Social Work opens up the opportunity for people all around the country to get their degree at the Masters level. The college offers two options based on the bachelors degree that the student acquired earlier.

Masters of Social Work for BSW Students

For students that have a bachelor's social work degree already, this Masters of Social Work program requires around two years to complete. the format is that students attend live web classes. They take classes in areas such as research methods, analysis, generalist practice with a variety of groups, and a variety of field seminars.

Masters of Social Work for Non-BSW Students

Students that do not have a bachelor's degree in Social Work can get their Masters degree after taking some fundamental courses. Like the other program, students attend live web classes on evenings and weekends. Students also take foundational courses in general practice, social work research methods, communities and organizations, treatment, task forces, and social policy.

Contact information

  • Address: Online and Distance Education, Gustafson Hall, 3264 Campus Rd., Grand Forks, ND 58202-9021

  • Phone Number: (701) 777-3000

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