25 Periodical & Journals for Social Workers.

25 Periodical & Journals for Social Workers.

Social work is a field of professionals which relies heavily on research and collaborative efforts to provide the latest and most effective treatment options for patients. Browse through the list of essential periodicals and journals here to find applicable developments in the world of social workers. This list is geared more for the MSW degree level student.

    • American Journal of Community Psychology. Subscribers enjoy a vast list of topics related to community mental health, physical health, family and substance use. Submissions are welcomed and encouraged by social work professionals.

    • American Journal of Family Therapy. Unlock a world of authoritative, investigative reporting on the latest trends in the world of family therapy.

    • American Psychologist. Read articles published on various topics related to the field of psychology. Current trends in treatment are explored, as well as a calendar of pertinent events and editorials.

    • Journal of Clinical Psychology. Explore topics like group cognitive-behavior therapy and culturally relevant family-based treatment.

    • Behavior Modification. Search the online database of archived articles. There is a high concentration of articles on Autism listed here.

    • Behavioral Disorders. The focus here is on children with behavioral disorders. Search this online. This periodical is sent to all members of the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders.

    • Behavioral Neuroscience. This periodical published original research papers based on biological bases of behavior. Topics include but are not limited to: learning, memory and motivation.

    • Monitor on Psychology. Informative articles on original works of psychologists relative to research and association.

    • Personality Disorders. Theory, Research and Treatment. Explore the world of personality disorders including information on lab and treatment trials and manuscripts bridging the gap between theory and practice.

    • Child Development. Strives to bring you the most up to date information in the world of child development. Geared towards psychiatric social workers, specialists in early childhood education and child psychiatrist, informative articles keep social workers in the know.

    • Clinical Social Work Journal. A quarterly publication, this journal is available for viewing online. Read informative articles on topics like developing a connection with a suicidal patient easily by clicking the online link.

    • Community Mental Health Journal. Focuses on mental health services offered to patients with severe mental disorders, emotional issues or addictions. Available online.

    • Journal on Social Work. Available for online viewing, this journal focuses on theory, policy and practice in social work. Reports on current research and analyzes current practices.

    • Social Work Abstracts. This online resource provides links to articles published in every reputable social work journal and periodical. A perfect way for the busy social worker to read about topic-specific articles from a variety of sources.

    • Social Work Today. Read in-depth articles on current topics like post-partum depression, eating disorders and substance abuse.

    • Social Work with Groups. A journal available both in hard copy and online that explores group therapy in community settings. Sample title topic, "I'm not lazy; it's just that I learn differently."

    • The New Social Worker. Provides helpful advice and job searching tips to the new social worker. Articles on the life of a social work student are also shared.

    • Social Policy & Administration. View this periodical online or receive it in hardcopy. This journal covers issues related to social policy in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    • School Social Work Journal. Published twice annually, this journal focuses on the commitment to improving social work in school systems. Published by the Illinois Association of School Social Workers.

    • Women & Therapy. A quarterly publication available for hard copy or online distribution to subscribers. Articles include a quantitative and qualitative look at treating the female client.

    • Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior. This is the official journal of the American Association of Suicidology. Learn about the most current information on assessing risk levels and handing risk management. A must have for the social worker involved with suicidal patients.

    • Journal of Studies on Alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease that plagues countless lives. This is the most trusted publication for cutting edge research and development on alcohol use, dependency and abuse.

    • NASW News. This publication brings social workers all the up-to-date news on conferences that are offered globally, laws on abuse and other hot topics in the social work field.

    • Journal of Drug Issues. Illegal substance abuse is a growing trend that plagues social workers. Difficult to combat, this journal provides helpful information on treating the substance abuser as a social worker. Join the list of international subscribers and contributors.
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